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How to Get Investors to Back Your New Invention Idea

To get investors to back your new invention idea, you must prove to them that your idea is worth their money and has low risk. Investors won’t invest in ideas that are likely to fail on the market. They will focus their funds on inventions that can solve a problem and create social good. The social benefit per dollar and sales will be important metrics.

The word “Bureo” means waves in the Mapudungun language of Chile. The company is a start-up that recycles fishing nets and gives money to a local nonprofit called Fundacion El Arbol, which works with communities to create environmental projects. This company is currently based in Chile, but plans to expand to other countries soon.

Humanscale is an award-winning company that focuses on making the world a better place. Its products are environmentally friendly, simple, and long-lasting. It is committed to creating net positive impact and is a certified member of the Living Product Challenge, an organization that helps manufacturers design products that give back to the environment.
Plastic fishing nets

Plastic fishing nets are the latest invention in the sea, and they are a green invention. In fact, they are made of recycled plastic. This innovation is credited to fishermen, who have seen the problems associated with fishing nets made of traditional natural fibers. Many fishermen have found that the plastics are lighter and more affordable than traditional nets, but they have also lost their value as a product of craftsmanship. While the locals were unaware of the plastics’ environmental impact, Antonio Bustos realized that there had to be a better way.
Finding hidden potential in invention ideas

If you have an idea for an invention, you need to understand the problem you are trying to solve. You can do this by considering existing products and thinking of ways to improve them.
Prior art search

When preparing to file a patent application, it is important to conduct a prior art search of the invention idea. This process will help you decide whether your invention idea is novel and unique. It will also help you determine whether a subsequent patent application will be rejected because it was covered by prior art.

InventHelp is a great place to turn when you have a new invention idea. The company will help you with all aspects of the invention process, from patenting it to generating interest and getting it to market. This helps you increase the chances of achieving success.
Edison Nation

Edison Nation is a company that can help you commercialize your new invention idea. They have a team that can help you get a patent for your new invention and put it on store shelves. You can be one of them by submitting a $25 check. In exchange for this, they will help you license your idea to a manufacturer and sell it. Then, you’ll split the licensing profits with them.


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